Nothing eats up more time on a daily basis than a computer that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. Känguru Consulting helps to identify the most time-consuming problems and reaches a big impact through small changes and individual communication. Honest, Free and Sustainable.


Personal contact on an equal footing comes first for Känguru Consulting. Together, with a trusting cooperation, we find an individual solution that best suits your situation.


Don't just have someone sell you some product. Känguru Consulting gives advice nonbinding and independent of products, partners and licences and focuses strongly on freely available, open-source applications.


Känguru Consulting integrates new applications comprehensively and sustainably into your work environment. The goal is to enable all participants to continue to work with them autonomously and individually after a project completes.


This is how we do it:

An exemplary process of a consultancy project

Initial consultation

In 20 minutes of initial consultation - face to face or via internet/telephone - we compile a quick overview of the situation. We discuss the most pressing questions and speak about the procedure of a possible collaboration - nonbinding and free of charge.


In a consultation session on site, we analyze the exact situation of the client, draft different solution processes and work out the optimal approach.


In a defined period of time we work on a solution together. All changes and alterations to the existing systems are reviewed with the client and extensively tested before they are implemented.


Upon successfully completing a project you'll be able to manage your new work environment autonomously and independently. Nonetheless will Känguru Consulting always remain available for all questions even after the end of the consultancy project. 

Current trainings

Individual trainings are being offered for the following topics


This course teaches the basics for encryption and online safety. Main topics are safe surfing and encryption of e-mail and personal data.

This course is free of charge as a matter of principle.

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is a collection of methods to gain control over the daily flood of e-mails. Against popular belief, "Zero" does not stand for the number of e-mails in the inbox, but for the number of thoughts spent e-mails per day with this method.

Teamwork Online

A lot of online applications promise to simplify project management and team work. In this training a range of tools are presented together with best practices for each one for better collaboration.

Websites with WordPress

Nowadays it's easy to create your website yourself without it having to look unprofessionally. This course teaches the basics to create an design your own website with WordPress.


IT Coaching

My offer for individuals

IT Coaching is for individual people who want to improve themselves further in a certain topic. Together we work out an individual goal that I then help you achieve in several working sessions.